Tailor-made and complementary solutions to improve the sustainability and impact of your investments

  1. ESG Consensus Portfolio Check
    Evaluate a portfolio or an investment fund against ESG criteria
    • Based on various databases linked to sustainable investment and thanks to the ESG Consensus® tool, the Portfolio Check screens all positions of an investment portfolio or investment fund.
    • The appraisal gives the full picture of all the various securities held, to evaluate the ESG quality of a set of investments and to highlight the convergence or divergence of view on a company and/or country.
    • The Portfolio Check applies both to the evaluation of securities in a single portfolio (separated by asset classes or regions) or to a global mandate. The Portfolio Check flags potential ESG controversies and risk exposures. These are based on predefined sustainability criteria as well as positive or negative exposures linked to such criteria.
    • Easy to read and use, the assessment is delivered as a summary report. The assessment allows any investor to quickly visualize the amendments to be made to improve the impact and the sustainability.
  2. Value Mapping
    (Re-) define an investment policy and sensitivity analysis according to ESG criteria
    • Thanks to its Value Mapping tool, Conser enables investors to systematically map their sensitivity according to ESG criteria with the goal to define or adapt their investment policy.
    • Based on the Value Mapping results, Conser guides its clients in drafting investment guidelines (principles or an investment charter) .
  3. Investment evaluation
    Identify quality ESG investments
    • Conser relies on its methodology and tools– ESG Consensus® and databases – to find investment opportunities in line with sustainable investment principles, an ESG investment policy and/or impact and sustainability goals defined by the investor.
    • Stock selection: Conser covers nearly 5’500 companies in 170 countries and thousands of ESG data from 20 independent and complementary sources. The ESG Consensus® tool enables the selection of ESG quality securities, whose positive and sustainable impact is based on a neutral and impartial evaluation.
    • Fund selection: by combining qualitative data (process, team, due diligence) and quantitative data analysis (historical, risk and performance factors), Conser has developed a proprietary database grouping hundreds of sustainable investment funds of all asset classes.


Conser  presents the ultimate tool for actively monitoring the sustainability risk of your investments: the portfolio check covers more than 5’500 companies and 170 countries using the ESG Consensus®, which provides the most representative market's perception of investment's ESG risk (Environmental, Social and Governance criteria) .



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