The ESG Consensus® methodology provides the most representative market perception of an investment's sustainability risk. The assessment is based on multiple recognized ESG sources. It determines the average and the convergence of these independent ESG opinions in order to guarantee reliable and unbiased results.


A methodology to objectively assess securities and investment funds

  • Due to the absence of ESG measurement standards, the multiplicity of analyses and the rating bias, Conser has developed an innovative technological tool, ESG Consensus®, based on a methodology ensuring an impartial perception of the ESG quality of securities (companies and countries) and investment funds.

  • To evaluate the positive impact and sustainability of the investments, the ESG Consensus® tool qualitatively and quantitatively analyses thousands of securities and ESG data points. These originate from 20 independent and complementary sources, aggregating the views of analysts, assets managers, rating agencies and civil society.
  • The systematic ESG meta-analysis within the ESG Consensus® tool provides a representative, reliable and unbiased evaluation of the ESG quality of investments.
  • Based on collective intelligence, the methodological approach adapted within the ESG Consensus® tool facilitates investment decision making based on ESG criteria and sustainability goals.
  • All ESG sources are normalized and equally weighted. For the entire universe covered, the sources are revised and updated on a monthly basis (companies and countries).
  • To guarantee the absence of any conflict of interest, Conser based its unique approach on the principle of open architecture. Conser is not related to any developer or distributor of financial products.